Project Overview

In a celebration of community, music, creativity and self expression, two west coast icons come together. For this collection, we are showcasing a new generation of Deadheads and denimheads: an eclectic group of young San Francisco musicians, artists and individuals who think for themselves and think of and act in support of others. Feel the love. For this iconic collaboration, we tapped digital artist Chrissie Abbott for her bold and unique use of color, collage, and psychedelics. Chrissie created a fantastical digital world by stitching together creative vignettes through lo-fi animation and trippy transitions that combine static studio imagery, organic geometric shapes, and stock environmental imagery. The result feeling like in a wild acid trip on a far away planet.


  • Art Design: Chrissie Abbott
  • Photography: Ulysses Ortega
  • Production: Tsuruda Studio
  • Copy: Adrienne Elder
  • Styling: Internal Levi's
  • Creative Direction: Liam Cassidy, Tevis Houston