Project Overview

Introducing our otherworldly collaboration with the iconic anime series. The 12-piece collection synthesizes the futuristic vision of Gundam SEED and the enduring craft of Levi’s.


  • Photo: Kanya Iwana
  • DP: Michael Cukr
  • Production: ¡No Problemos!
  • Styling: Kenyatta Wooten
  • Motion Control Cinematography: LA Cinema Robotics
  • Music & Sound Effects: Josh McLeod

Earth Alliance-inspired essentials

Our campaign brings the Levi’s × Gundam SEED collection to life through an aspirational visual lens inspired by the show’s eye-catching title sequence. Showcasing the looks through dramatic camera angles and layered compositions set in a minimal space in front of an LED wall, motion-controlled camera movements also help to conjure an arresting futuristic aesthetic. Our campaign embraces the distinctive visual language of Gundam SEED to inspire newcomers and reward super-fans alike.