Project Overview

With love from San Francisco. Inspired by her laid-back Northern California upbringing, Emma Chamberlain’s collection with Levi’s features six effortless pieces that pay homage to nature. 


  • Photo: Ashley Armitage
  • DP: Charlie McHarg
  • Editor: Michael Cukr
  • Production: ¡No Problemos!
  • Styling: Jared Ellner

Taking a cue from Emma's design inspiration,we shot the campaign using the backdrop of Northern California's diverse natural world. From the verdant redwood forest to the foggy bluffs overlooking the Pacific, our locations helped to bring Emma's thoughtfully co-designed collection to life visually.

“I was really inspired by the fact that the brand and I are both from the San Francisco area, and I wanted to lean into what makes Northern California so special. All the pieces also sort of remind me of things that I would freak out over if I saw them at the thrift store. I wanted them to have classic silhouettes that you could wear for the next ten years and never get sick of.”

Emma Chamberlain